>Technical Difficulties

>Yes, I know, I know. IE-users, you see my right-hand column displayed at the bottom of my page, and it’s ugly and annoying. To which I reply:

1) Go download Firefox, you evil Microsoft-Supporter!

2) It’s the “Batgirl Rocks” post’s fault, and I’ll carefully examine its HTML tags when I get half a chance. (Which means the weekend, probably, at the earliest.)

C’mon, people, I’m holding down three jobs, three classes, and I hear rumors that my husband enjoys eating dinner occassionally. Have patience.

Update: I spent a few minutes trying different things on the Batgirl post (which is when the problem began), and no change. There’s a Blogger Help section on this, so I’ll try messing with the Batgirl image some more. Ugh.


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