>By Geeks, For Geeks

>I have to say that one of the great things about SG1 is that a story can focus on any one character and still be great. Case in point: “Prometheus Unbound” from Season 8, which I just watched last night, was in my opinion one of the top 10 best episodes of that show. It starred Daniel, co-starred Hammond, and only briefly featured O’Neil. Teal’c and Sam didn’t even make an appearance, and let me tell you, most of my favorite moments come from either O’Neil or from his interplay with Sam. But this episode was excellent. Not only was it a great idea to use Claudia Black (foretelling casting another Farscape alum next season?), but it was hilarious. The fact that the show consistently guest-stars actors from other sci-fi series, as well as quoting Star Wars in odd moments just shows that sci-fi shows are best when written/directed by geeks.

And I have to say that a catnap with a husband under a snuggly blanket during the autumn chill is wondrously decadent. And snuggly.


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