>Information is Blood

>I remember when, for me, a personal crisis was: “What do I do without a book?” Now, it’s: “What do I do without the internet?”

Granted, this is somewhat justified. I go to school online, I work online (even my face-to-face job requires the internet), I bank online, I shop online, I get the news online, I listen to the radio online, I keep up with friends and family online, and I even–get this–read for pleasure online.

Case in point: today during GLA training, the library’s internet connection went down. So much for training; we were powerless. So we got to leave early: yay! But, wait–what can I do with 30 seconds to 3 hours without the internet? I know, I’ll do some schoolwork–oh, wait. Oh, okay, I’ll catch up on the blogs I read–oh, right. Well, I could balance my checkbook–darn it–research my term paper–arg–look up some books to buy–dangit!

I was much relieved upon coming upstairs to find that the 30 seconds had passed and my lifeline was running again. I think that the average 2000’s 20-something can operate fine without water, food, or blood for upwards of a week, but 30 seconds without the internet is what kills.


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