>I spent a lot of time today looking at dirt. We have to re-direct our sprinkler system and add a water line, so while Alex used a rented trencher to cut long lines 18″ deep in our backyard, I dug out our three sprinkler heads. Luckily, the ground was pretty soft–our black clay can be hard as rock sometimes–so it wasn’t hard, sweaty work, therefore I let my mind drift around a bit.

I spent some time thinking about the comic criticism I’m reading (see below). Its text reminds me that I enjoyed Dark Knight Returns, obligates me to read Watchmen, interests me in Marvels, and makes me eager to get my hands on Astro City.

Last night, we watched Sky High and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I give the Smiths a solid 7 for a good popcorn movie, and Sky High an enjoyable 8, which I did not expect. It was not only genuinely funny, but often clever, and most astonishing of all, it wasn’t heavy-handed with the “moral lesson for young people” in relation to the main character, which made it much more enjoyable from the adult perspective. I’m not saying it wasn’t predictable, but it was also just fun, and best of all, it had an awesome comic-book-style opening and close. And a great mad scientist teacher–I wish I’d had to construct a ray gun in science class.

Currently Reading

How to Read Superhero Comics and Why

By Geoff Klock

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2 thoughts on “>Holes

  1. Tihleigh says:

    >Astro City is simply amazing–gotta love Busiek, time off for mercury poisoning and all. You should add Alan Moore’s Top 10 and Warren Ellis’ Planetary to your list as well.

  2. Starrlett says:

    >Oh yeah–thanks, T! I have certainly heard rave reviews of Planetary and plan to check it out, although it isn’t specifically mentioned until later in this book. Hadn’t heard about Top 10 yet, though–thanks!!

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