>My Week in Review

>Wow, can you believe that for six days I’ve neglected my prolific posting addicti–er, habit? Here’s the brief version of what passed during those six days:

  • drove to/from Denton 3 times
  • dug/laid pipe in/filled trenches
  • craved chocolate 19 times
  • had 1 Coke
  • composed research paper
  • cleaned house (well, part of it)
  • watched three rented movies
  • did NOT watch Land of the Dead
  • had a meeting about my sitemap
  • frozen in Wednesday-Thursday (no work!)
  • pet-sat two ornament-crazed kitties
  • dropped off boxes at Goodwill
  • sold 2,000 comic books
  • had an orange cream slush
  • purchased Christmas PJ’s (Rainbow Brite!)
  • went to Home Depot 7 times
  • did NOT make it to see Narnia, sadly
  • still want this Narnia shirt
  • voted on class websites
  • read a summary of RJ’s previous book
  • glued PVC together

Man, don’t I sound lazy? Alex and James spent the weekend preparing the next great evolution of the fireworks show–hence the number of Home Depot trips, plus one unsuccessful trip to Radio Shack. To be fair, though, at least three of those trips were building-related, not fireworks-related.

Okay, I love rubber ducky USB drives and all, but the really clever one is the thumb drive. (BTW, for anyone looking for a ridiculously expensive and odd gift for me, I like the iDuck in light-up Lemon.)

You’ve got to be kidding me: RSS-printed TP?

My dirty little secret: Thursdays after work, I watch The Apprentice. I know, you’ve lost all respect for me–shucks, I’ve lost all respect for myself. The only point in my defense: Randal seems an honorable man, and I want to see him win, darn it!


2 thoughts on “>My Week in Review

  1. Tihleigh says:

    >FYI: I like to watch the end of reality shows–y’know, the bit where people get kicked off.And if that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

  2. Starrlett says:

    >Heh, heh, you’re evil. But then, I knew that already. ;-)Hey, will you be at the CDL Christmas shindig on Friday? I’m thinking about showing up…

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