>Under Construction

>Ugh, erk. And other appropriate noises of the undead.

Alex and I are currently existing in an undead state because we worked on the building–I can’t count the days before Christmas, but we did indeed work Christmas Eve, took Christmas off, and then worked for the next three days straight. 7:30 am until dark. Our backs, necks, legs, arms, heads, feet, and other body parts ache beyond description. I was so physically exhausted at one point on the 27th that I cried, and I’m not much of a cryer.

Anyway, the “under construction” title applies not only to work on the building, but to the dearth of posts lately on my blog. The reason? My vacation is more like a work camp thus far–though the end results will be worth it!–and when dark comes, Alex and I shuffle like zombies to the shower and to bed. I’ve actually composed three or four posts while hauling sheet metal or drilling recalcitrant screws, but haven’t had the time to post them. I’ll post them later, after our New Year’s Eve-Eve party tomorrow, for which I am dashing about the house organizing and cleaning and such. (If you’re a party-goer yourself, ignore that last sentence and go on believing that I keep a pristine house year-round. Thanks for your kind cooperation.)

So, in the meantime, be heartened: I have not forgotten you. This is only a temporary neglect. Posting to resume in early 2006, and have a Happy New Year!


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