>"I Feel Terrible"

>Han was so right. Excuse me, I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. Urg, erk–and I thought I felt like the undead last week.

I’ve heard rumors for a few months now about new DVD episodes, but this article talks about reviving Futurama as a TV series! Woohoo! Let geeks everywhere rejoice!

Still waiting to get the energy to post some photos and notes from the previous weeks that never made it to the blog–I might begin that tomorrow. Today’s schedule includes: filing two state sales tax forms (arg!), much coughing and wooziness (bleh), and a Star Wars marathon (whew!). I was excited about our marathon six-movie day (to echo our Extended LOTR marathon last January) before my stomach was attempting to digest large amounts of mucus. Now I’m kind of un-thrilled about consciousness in general, and specifically otrying to focus my vision and attention on one screen for thirteen and a half hours. Whew.

On a related note, I’ve recently changed my mind regarding the prequels. I know about a million people will be shocked and apalled by this revelation, but I think that Episode I is actually my favorite among the prequels. (No hate mail, please–I’ve got enough spam as it is.) And here’s my reason: it didn’t try to be as serious or self-important as the next two. There are some admittedly cool darker moments in the later ones–I thought that Palpatine in the opening of Epi-III was particularly awesome–but… After time, I remember more and more of E-I with fondness–admittedly, this is ignoring Jar-Jar and the fact that you can actually see Jake Lloyd reading cue cards throughout his un-cute wooden performance. But this is also the movie with Qui-Gon and Darth Maul and lush Naboo landscapes; and so far in playing Star Wars Legos on Gamecube, I like the Epi-I environments best. (Speaking of which, try this odd little Lego game online…)

Now that I’ve completely discredited myself in several of my geekier pals’ eyes, I think I’ll go see if my husband is ready to begin the marathon.


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