>Back in the Swing

>Life is slowly drifting back to a more normal pace. Alex is at Nortel for the second of his last three days there, and he begins work at QuickOffice on Monday–hooray! The last of our extended-stay company left on Monday, and the house has been eerily quiet since then–and I’m trying to catch up on things like dishes and laundry. We watched “Lost” at Amy & Jaime’s last night, which we haven’t done regularly in over a month, and I begin classes and work again on Tuesday.

Which means I’ll return to more my normal posting rate soon. Never fear, innane and often insane banter will once again appear on this page with terrifying frequency. And I have self-incriminating photos of how silly I am, as well as progress on our building in the backyard, to post for your enjoyment.

Monday, my last day of vacation, I plan to spend editing photos from the last four months of mural painting and then update my Snazzy Decor site with them.

Expect weekly panic updates as I begin to realize that I’m finally leaving school in May after twenty-two years and that yes, I really have to find a full-time job. Yikes.

Yesterday’s Panic Level: 11 (out of 10)
Today’s Panic Level: 2


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