>Back to (My) Future

>“Back to school, back to reality…”

Alex and I watched the three Back to the Future movies yesterday and today, so the future’s on my mind (man, I love the music in those movies!). That, and the NASA Pluto Mission, which I just found out will take almost a decade to reach Pluto! Wow.

In 2016, I will be:

  • 37 years old
  • graduated for one decade
  • ….?

The rest is a big question mark. A mother? A library director? A PhD student? A media mogul? An insane asylum resident? A novelist? A world-famous muralist? (Ha!)

My future’s certainly in sight now. I feel that having reached the five-year mark of our marriage, Alex and I are in for Stage 2. He starts his new job this week, I graduate in May, and suddenly we’re not defined as “Alex: works at Nortel” and “Starr: lifetime student” anymore. That’s a pretty major change of events for the Hoffman household.

I’m back at work today, and just finished logging into my LAST two classes for the first time. 5300: Management of Information Agencies looks all right, and somewhat similar to my Academic Library Management course from the fall. 5080: Research Methods, however, looks like a lot of statistics, which makes me shudder and cringe. Also, my work schedule is 6-10pm three evenings a week, plus daytime on Fridays, which means Alex and I have very limited time together for the next four months–ugh. The plus side is that this schedule means I can park in the close parking lot, instead of four blocks away.

All in all, the future seems like a pretty mixed bag. Here’s to change!


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