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>If you’ve read this blog since last spring, you probably know by now that it hasn’t really settled into a genre yet (not that I can tell, anyhow). At first, it was a “this is an assignment for class” blog, then a “I’m a major geek in the Star Wars line” blog, and since June it’s been caught between a “this is an update on my trivial life” blog and a “listen to this interesting tidbit of info or opinion” blog. I was trying for less of my life and more just interesting tidbits, but then again, this is a nifty way to keep friends and family in the loop. Ah, heck, a split personality blog just reflects my own myriad interests/moods more accurately, right?

So back to the “this is my trivial life” theme. I’m packing to go to ALA in San Antonio this weekend, and I feel like I didn’t pack enough clothes. It’s only one full day, and part of Friday and Sunday, so three outfits is overkill anyway (since I’ll already be dressed on Friday), but for some reason, the suitcase seems emptier than usual. What important item did I forget? I see pants, shirts, sweaters, underwear, and even socks. Heck, even dress shoes, which I usually forget. Did my clothes shrink or something? Sigh; I am so going to show up to this conference missing my pants or something. Score one more point for anti-professionalism in my life.

“Lost” update: Jack, you need to chill. No point in getting angry, man–you’re even more stressed out than last season, when you crashed on a deserted island and suddenly ended up the doctor/leader/father-figure for these people. Sheesh, now you’ve got bunk beds, a stereo, and a blender–what more do you need to relax?

And where’s Hurley? I want more Hurley on this show again!!

Your Assignment: check out scrumptious new ROP5 updates here!

Parting thought: job searches suck.


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