>Let’s Backtrack a Bit…

>So, about that building in our backyard…

My father-in-law is a monkey.

This isn’t some sort of strange insult or even more bizarre complement, but a simple statement of fact, which everyone in the Hoffman Clan acknowledges. Granted, repairing A/C systems in attics for a living has got to produce some balancing skills, but this man has natural talent. Over Christmas, Alex, his sisters, his mama, and I were all discussing this trait with amusement and our usual amazement at his latest feat–crawling all over the bare trusses of our 12 to 14-foot high metal building. My theory is that he has a monkey tail, but that it’s invisible. Alex’s far more interesting theory is that his dad was bit by a radioactive monkey, a’la Spiderman’s origins.

I, on the other hand, transform into a hoodlum when working on the building (Jared asked me which bank I was going to rob). Who’s the baddest gal in town? Sho-Nuff! (Yes, I’ve sunk low enough that I mis-quote The Last Dragon.)

…And here’s Bryce on 12/30/05, acting as a trailer hitch.

We were transporting all of our large platforms of fireworks to the backyard… only to be informed of the burn ban five hours later. Sigh.

Currently watching:
Battlestar Galactica – Season 2.0
Release date: 20 December, 2005


2 thoughts on “>Let’s Backtrack a Bit…

  1. Kodiak says:

    >Yep, I’ve purchased and watched all of Battlestar Galactica 2.0As it is only the first half of the second series, it again leaves you in cliffhanger mode begging for the next episode. It’s great stuff, and getting better and more intriguing by the minute.

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