…my oh my, it’s a wonderful day!

I emailed Alex a very long list of all the reasons I’m happy today–too numerous to mention here. Nothing like nice weather and a really good cup of coffee to put a spring in my step!

And just the day for it, too, because I gave my first library instruction presentation today, to a group of initially un-enthused Communication students. My perky comment at the beginning, however–Bear with me, I’ve had a LOT of coffee and may speak incredibly fast–got a chuckle and most of them on my side.

I also got to help a lot of them one-on-one, for two different classes. This is my favorite part of being a librarian–well, okay, it ties with researching obscure art topics. But helping a flustered person find the information they want gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction and purpose. I taught them something, and found something they needed–and in most cases, they are incredibly grateful. I’d have never dreamed it! But let me tell you, I’ve helped a girl find the one article she needs for a paper that’s due the next morning at 8am, and received such thankful comments that you’d think I pulled a kitten out of a burning house.

All the fun and rewards of teaching, none of the papers to grade. Is it any wonder that I love my job?


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