>Ah, Spring… Break?

>Once again, Unshelved portrays the honest and funny truth about blogging.

I have a haircut scheduled tomorrow and shopping scheduled (I’m not kidding) Thursday, but between those spots, there’s a lot of things like laundry and vacuuming and rearranging rooms and filing taxes and sorting out seven piles of Goodwill-destined items to be done. I managed to steal a few relaxing moments today to read while becoming a natural–ahem–redhead again. And luckily, I can drop those seven piles off at Goodwill tomorrow morning after the haircut, gaining me the entire guest room floor back–what, we had beige carpet under there? Really?

And once the tiresome tasks are completed, there is an art project to undertake–the caricature-ish-ly large stein for New Braunfels’s Stein Parade–and what I am most looking forward to: using my newfound CSS “skilz” to completely redesign the Snazzy Decor website. I can’t wait!

But I’ll have to, because the white load must be folded.


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