>You Know What I Just Realized?

>I’m UNT Staff. Staff, man.
(Well, I will be, come June 1.)

Note to self: Rec Center and Parking Permit


2 thoughts on “>You Know What I Just Realized?

  1. Kristen says:

    >I’m so envious! You’ll probably get to park “close in” every day, without all the vehicle shuffle.Good luck with the Rec Center. I just cleaned out my locker there, after months of non-attendance. Did you know that if you leave one of those gel air fresheners in your locker all semester, it will be completely dried out by the time you return?

  2. Starrlett says:

    >Yeah, I’m going to have a look-see to determine if the Rec Center’s worth it or not. The climbing wall really intrigues me. I hate heights, but I like harnasses. And climbing. :)Yes, I am smiling happily about the parking permit. Only three more weeks until I can trade in my so-called “premium” pass, Mu-wahhahahahah! 🙂

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