>Hades Freezes Over

>Lucas is releasing the original trilogy on DVD, in all its theatrical glory.

I’m sorry, I don’t think you heard me. Original trilogy on DVD!

I never, never thought I would see the day. When Alex reported this to me last night, I got goosebumps over my entire body.

1) Han shoots first.
2) Hayden isn’t at the end of ROTJ.
3) The sarlaac won’t have a ridiculous venus flytrap head.
4) “Yub nub,” the joy of my youth!
5) I don’t have to watch CG Jabba.

And just to show that Lucasfilm finally gets that they can–gasp–make money off of us traditionalists, they’re releasing their own, licensed, “Han shot first” shirts (see the indie version as modeled by Alex). It makes me mad, but I want one. Drat that Lucasfilm.

My favorite quote from the Yahoo News article? “According to Lucasfilm, ‘attractively priced’ works out to $29.95 per package.” No joke.

In related news, the spiffiest game yet is now even better: Lego Star Wars OT!!!!


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