>Cultured Like Yogurt

>Whew! I had to set our alarm for both Saturday and Sunday, which is a little unusual, but on the positive side, I think that last night was my first full night of sleep since last Sunday. Everytime I’m tired and I lay down, my brain tends to shriek, “Librarian! Staff! Fulltime! Own office! and then it gibbers off into unintelligible gleeful noises.

Friday I tried out the Springfield XD sub-compact 9mm at Bullettrap and was surprised at how easy it is to shoot. It’s a squatty, solid little gun that looks thick, but fits into my shrimpy hand surprisingly well. It also doesn’t kick hard, but I did have trouble keeping my right arm stationary, and kept hitting the target high. Oddly enough, as we were entering the range with Keith, we ran into Kali–almost literally!–and then Joel. It’s always nice to see friends when you weren’t expecting to! Alex went ahead and joined so that he can go after work whenever the group wants to go, but I declined, since I really don’t know how my daily schedule is going to work.

Yesterday we went to seen the Mayan exhibit at the DMA with Josh & Keith–entailing another unexpected encounter when I ran into Josh Rose, who I’d been a Teaching Assistant with–and also made an impromptu visit to the Nasher Sculpture Center. Then, just for the stark contrast of it all, we went to the Big Town gun show and met four more work pals there.

Today, we’re at QuickOffice so that Alex can finish up some work; we’ve been playing foosball while we waited–I stink, but not so badly as I would have thought–and I watched the Spurs beat the Mavs by 2 points! Plus, I just finished my LAST FINAL. The word “final” has never had such meaning, such–er–finality, before.

School’s out for summer! School’s out FOREVER!
(Well, you know, until I find an interesting class to take, or get my certificate in digital imaging or library management, or get talked into starting that Info Science Doctorate….)


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