>And the sun shines on yet another Morning-After-Party.

I very much enjoyed having my pal Auntie K over, and the yummy chow she brought. We played a mean couple of rounds of Mafia–of course, we found out in the first round that it doesn’t work out so well when the narrator accidentally kills of one of the Mafia. Oops. But Seth’s “Happy 1st of July” cake was fairly funny. I think we’ll forgive the narrator flub for that.

Well, for the second party in a row, we had no fireworks–don’t you love Drought Stage 3?–but we still had glow sticks! We had glow stick wars outside for awhile, came in for a breather, and–lights out! The whole block was black for quite some time–so we trooped out again and had another round of running around in the dark, throwing little glowing sticks at each other.

Like my neon-lit glasses?

Aside from the fireworks, we missed our Jaime–I think this is the first party in our five years that she’s missed–and since we had it on Saturday, it was the first party in awhile where no one stayed overnight (aside from the usual Hardcore Four who are staying longer anyway). But good fun was had by all.

And yes, that’s a new hole in my ear.


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