>Kindness of Strangers

>The gas station was packed this morning, because for some odd reason, in the heart of McKinney, a single gas station was a dime less per gallon than anyone else. And it was packed with industrial trucks. So getting my cute super-crew-cab F-150 in place at a pump was quite an exercise in manuevering. I just about couldn’t make it, because there was a big trash can in my way beside the pump, but before I had time to even think about it, a young hispanic guy on the other side of the pump cheerfully moved it out of my way. I was kinda shocked–I can’t remember the last time a stranger did something genuinely nice for me–and thanked him. Then I noticed that one of his friends picked up some trash in the area–not his own trash–and put it in the can. And when I left, easing my big fat vehicle out of the space, his friend also kindly held the cable of the gas pump away from my truck, so that it didn’t bang into my cab.

It’s the little things that matter.


2 thoughts on “>Kindness of Strangers

  1. Tigpan says:

    >Sweet Starr…Thank you for taking the time to publically acknowledge these people. You are right it is the little things that matter. This was encouraging to my heart. Love you!Tig

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