>Spreading It A Little Thin

>So, the old adage is that something particularly boring is as interesting as watching paint dry.” Does the same apply to reading blog posts about paint? Hope not–for your sake.

So, we’re painting the bedroom. After one false start–and several nights of “We’ll move out the furniture after this one episode of Mythbusters“–I began painting the ceiling Wednesday night. The original plan was to have 3-4 days to allow for 1-2 coats on the ceiling and 2 on the walls. Ha. Don’t you love those original plans? They’re so fragile and naive, like newborn kittens.

I bought a gallon for the ceiling, knowing full well it was more than enough. I’ve painted enough rooms in my day to make up quite a mansion, and I’ve painted several ceilings in the rest of my house, so it’s not like I don’t know what it takes. Then again, I didn’t account for the Paint-inator.

We bought a power-roller awhile back, and I hadn’t had a chance to use it yet. So I thought, anything that makes the tedious task of ceiling-painting faster and less drippy sounds like a good idea. And it was–it worked really well, and I was astounded at the little amount of paint that dripped–the most that got on the floor was from me putting the roller down when my arms got tired. But apparently it also puts paint on thicker than your manual-rolling technique. Which is great–it means I probably won’t have to paint two coats, hooray! But, um. I used the whole gallon. And, um–there’s still about 9 square feet of my ceiling that isn’t blue. And I didn’t find this out until 10:30pm last night, so of course I get to buy more paint on the way home–my last day for painting, btw, and walls are on the schedule.

So, either I have the thirstiest ceiling on earth, or a gallon just isn’t what it used to be anymore, or there is something bizarre about power-rollers. In any case, word to the wise when using one–buy lots of paint. Lots and lots of paint.

Also, I must note that if you haven’t listened to the audiobook Chronicles of Narnia, do so. I listened to them all in the spring, and last night while painting brought out “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” again. It’s even better than I remembered–Derek Jacobi’s reading is simply genius.


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