>Graphic Novel Education Progress, 7/18

>Have Read (2005-06):
Batman: Dark Knight Returns
Batman: DK Strikes Again
Batman: Y1
Batgirl: Y1
Maus I/II
Ghost World

Have Read (May/June):
Crisis on Infinite Earths
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, vol. 1
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, vol. 2
Sandman, vol. 1
Sandman: Endless Nights
Death: The High Cost of Living
Death: The Time of Your Life

Currently Reading:
V for Vendetta

On Wishlist:
Serenity: Those Left Behind (yes, I’ve heard it’s bad–no, I don’t care)
Astonishing X-Men (Whedon)
Infinite Crisis

I was going to mark my favorites, and then I realized that it was pointless. So many of them are my “favorites” in one way or another. But sentimentally–not art or story or sheer genius-factor—my three faves are Batgirl: Y1 and the two Death books.

2 thoughts on “>Graphic Novel Education Progress, 7/18

  1. Tihleigh says:

    >Astro City (because suits are people, too)From Hell (because we didn’t know that Jack the Ripper was probably a Polish Jew named Aaron Kosminski ’til recently)Preacher (because…there’s nothing that I’m willing to tell you about this…just read it)

  2. Starrlett says:

    >Dude, Astro City’s been on the list for awhile–just need to borrow from someone… hint, hint. 🙂 And that also reminds me to add Planetary to the list.From Hell–totally, totally, on my list, but it’s been forgotten lately. I hope it doesn’t make me now hate the movie; I rather enjoyed Ian Holm and Johnny Depp. Preacher… heard of this, but not in awhile; totally forgot what it’s about. Thanks for continuing to sponsor my GN education! 😉

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