>My kind of fame is really weird.

First, we all know the story about me being a girl, and being first in line for Star Wars Episode III in Dallas after camping out at the theater for over three weeks. (And if you didn’t know it, now I’ve just outed myself. Drat.)

Second, a few weeks ago I got contacted through MySpace by a writer for ECW magazine to see if I’d be interested in being interviewed for an article about people with tough jobs (apparently, the editors thought that having to shush people all the time was stressful). No, I didn’t give him the interview (even for me, that’s a little weird–I don’t think I want my professional life in ECW magazine). But I was a good little librarian and suggested that he contact a public librarian, who probably has more stress and more shush-ing than I, and gave him a list of places to find contact information for such librarians.

Today, I got a phone call (and email) from a nice reporter from the Dallas Morning News, asking to talk to me about my post on “Goofus and Gallant” for a story she’s writing about Highlights magazine‘s 60th anniversary. (I’m sure I’d break any future claims I’d have to modesty by mentioning she called my post “hilarious,” so I’ll refrain.) As this story doesn’t touch on my professional, librarian life, I think I’ll go along with this one.

But really, what’s next? I’m afraid to even come up with an amusingly bizarre scenario here, in case it comes true.

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