>It’s a Moo Point


  • Get some Loony Library Laughs at my pro-blog.
  • Ever wanted to live in The Shire? Now you can… for only $500,000 and up.
  • Embed RSS feeds in your website with Grazr.
  • And while we’re indirectly talking about cows, check out Moo. They make small business-card-like prints from your flickr photos; 100 (each unique, if you like) for $20!
  • Want to see how the government is spending your hard-earned money? Take a gander at the Death and Taxes Graph (disclaimer: no, I have not personally checked all the numbers to be sure they’re true, but I welcome you to have a try).
  • Torpark provides “anonymous, portable web browsing.” Foil those identity thieves and snoopers!
  • Nifty idea: AA batteries with built-in USB charging plugs.
  • It’s finally released!!! Scott McCloud‘s Making Comics; and he’s going to be touring the fifty states with his family for over a year, so don’t miss him.

This post was made possible by a grant from information from BoingBoing, LibrarianInBlack, and possibly other great bloggers that I’m totally forgetting to credit.

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