>PC: Definition of the Phrase "It’s Personal"


Can someone explain to me how it’s even possible for a computer-driven device to have a personality?

I’ve had my share of tempermental bits of technological equipment before. During the three years that I worked as Dr. Brunner‘s student assistant, his HP inkjet printer gave me fits. But although it seemed to be infuriating on purpose, it was a logical problem, as the majority of the issues were paper-jam-related.

This printer, however, has a bonafide grudge against me. Several weeks ago, it randomly printed every blessed document I sent to it–but it must have been gracious on purpose because it was Monday, as evidenced by the fact that every print job I have sent before or since, no matter how short, is missing pages. I just sent a print job to it: ten copies of one page each, and it printed nothing. I sent the job a second time, and it printed them–but it had a definite smirk when I retrieved the papers.

Logically, if my computer’s having some issue communicating with the printer, shouldn’t I get all or nothing? Why do I keep getting only 5 pages printed of a 9-page document, or 3 pages of a 5-page doc? Why did it take me three separate prints this morning to print a 12-page document?

Honestly, if there are any real insights as to a logical solution to, or even a reason for, this problem, I will gratefully listen. I’d like to think that this isn’t personal, considering the thing is a mass-produced item of plastic and metal.

Brief Overview, This Week in TV:

Eureka‘s season-ender (boo!), Lost‘s season opener (yay!), and BSG‘s season opener (wild, crazed screaming ensues). I read a quote yesterday from the current season of Gilmore Girls (it’s four more seasons on DVD before I catch up) that I thought truely displayed the show’s awesome genius:

Don’t underestimate me, Luke. I read books. And I watch Battlestar Galactica.”

On a parting note, let me reassure you that my sudden lack in posts here isn’t because I’ve forgotten or lost interest–in fact, I’m regularly making notes for posts, but haven’t had the opportunity to post. The few minutes a day I’ve had for blogging has been spent on my professional blog lately. So, if you’re desperate enough for my ramblings to read library-related info, hop on over.


4 thoughts on “>PC: Definition of the Phrase "It’s Personal"

  1. Dawn says:

    >Hey. Isaw the Gilmore Girls. It was a great comment. I think you printer is actually mocking you. Don’t underestimate how computers have taken over our lives. My e-mail was acting wierd the other day again. If I write someting the computer doesn’t like, it just locks up. Plus it lies to me all the time. I suggest you look at your print set up and see if something is a miss!! Momo

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