>Reading and Regurgitating

>And now, for your pre-digested biblioblogosphere updates:

  • According to this AOL jobs article, the average librarian salary is quite a bit higher in government positions ($74,630) than the nationwide average ($49,110)—but you probably knew that already.
  • The Laughing Librarian points out a stellar Gilmore Girls quote: Don’t underestimate me, Luke. I read books. And I watch Battlestar Galactica.
  • Just in time for your costume parties: get your librarian costume.
  • Check out the 5 Weeks to a Social Library preliminary list of programs/presenters (check out week 3; yippee!).
  • Lori Smith has the awesome distinction of having created, quite possibly, the first/best MySpace profile about government information.
  • Want free? Want open source? Then listen to your dental hygenist and FLOSS!
  • Can’t remember who’s already been an LJ Mover & Shaker, but you’d like to submit a nomination? Refer to this handy list of past honorees.
  • If Apple was as smart as they claim, wouldn’t they realize that everytime someone uses the term “podcast,” they’re getting a free advertisement? Like “Kleenex,” the use of a branded term as a generic one is a compliment of the highest order: your product defines the entire class of that product. C’mon Apple, get a clue!
  • Nerd-alert: The Chicago Manual of Style is now online! And–gasp–reasonably priced enough for individuals ($25/year) that, were I still working on my Art History thesis, I’d subscribe in a heartbeat. (There’s also a Quick Guide for us cheapskates that aren’t working on a project that involves 100+ citations.)
  • I was reading a post by La-La-Librarian that mentioned SingingFish, and now LiB’s also blogging about A/V search engines–fantastic!
  • So you’re at another library conference, and you’re looking for some diversion? Here’s the Library2.0 drinking game, for your “networking” pleasure.
  • ACRLog is calling all academic librarians–go post your blog, personal or professional, at the Academic Blog Portal!


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