>Weddings, Playoffs, and Other Great Events

>So not only will I be wearing this in LA next month, but in March I’ll be wearing this darling dress for a darling friend! (Hmm, I had Jaime wear her silver Doc Martins in my wedding, since we had silver dresses–I wonder if she’ll require me to wear my black Docs with this dress? Wedding-Punk!)

I’d have already been interested in reading another Firefly/Serenity comic, but I’m doubly interested since there’s an essay by Geoff Klock in it. Hooray!

Sandra Tayler has some great insights on taking criticism for creative writing; just in time for NaNoWriMo, too (join the UNT group)!

Wow, wow, wow–it’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out in the end, but Jim Henson Co. was courting Ursula Vernon about a movie option for Digger?! The very thought of how awesome that movie would’ve been… ah, well.

The Tigers and the A’sthe Mets and the Cards… this doesn’t bode a very personally-exciting World Series for me in any combination. The last time I had a strong opinion about any of these teams was the Subway Series–in which I rooted for the Mets by default, of course, since they’re not the Yankees–and the I-70 Series–in which I rooted for the Cards simply because my parents were rooting for the Royals (and which I will never to my dying day live down, because Alex and his family are also devoted Royals fans).

So I guess depending on which NL team wins, I can either root for the Mets, or I can root against the Cards and try to atone for past sins.


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