>Links in Lieu of Content Redux!

>I’m still catching up on all the posts that Bloglines faithfully aggregated during my absence. This has primarily consisted of quick scans of post titles and a lot of discarding without reading. I think I can live without completely reading one week in the blogosphere. I’ll have to–I don’t have time to catch up completely!!

  • This Library Etiquette post further justifies my career choice, since last year at C3 we both were clad in obscure costumes that not even 80% of the Star Wars freaks in attendance recognized. I was mistaken for Tank Girl more often than Pink Five for some reason–um, hello, Star Wars convention?!–although Alex’s Ice Cream Maker Guy definitely got the most delighted recognition.
  • CueCat and LibraryThing–what fun! That reminds me, I don’t think Alex and I are more than half-finished using the CueCat to enter our DVD collection. (It’d probably go faster if we didn’t have the scifi genre subdivided into twelve other categories like “space travel – with aliens” and “time travel.”)
  • Fun for perfectionists–I mean, English majors: Typo of the Day.
  • Amazon.com reviews for bananas: “Ideal for people who like eating bananas or who wish to befriend a monkey.” Indeed, my friend, indeed.
  • This place looks fun: and a damaged books room! Sigh…

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