>It’s Election Day…

>Did you vote?
I did, and I have the sticker on my cheek to say so. I’ll not delve into the wild world of politics here, but let me say: I proudly voted for some R’s and some D’s, and I fervently hope that Texans never again have to choose between the lesser of six evils.

I hope it doesn’t make me a bad documents librarian (or a bad person) that today as I was cataloging CRS Reports, I came across “food as a weapon” — and my first thought was cafeteria food fights.

Awesome news: I’m going to be writing reviews for FantasyBookSpot! And “They” said that blogging and reading boingboing would get me nowhere… whoever “They” is… Anyway, there are two advance copy (say it with me: ADVAAAANCE COPY) graphic novels and a fantasy novel winging their way to me right now, courtesy of the USPS and FantasyBookSpot. (Thanks, Damon! And yes, Tihleigh, you hate me more than monkeys, I know.)

NPR reported last week that UK citizens are caught on closed-circuit camera on average 300 times a day–and the plan is to extend the cameras to be all-pervasive. I had no idea it was getting that way in England–reeeeeally makes V for Vendetta look timely (again), doesn’t it?

I really need to download Firefox 2, and so should you. Speaking of which… Firefox for scholars in the humanities: Zotero.

We leave for Los Angeles in two days!!! Eeek!

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3 thoughts on “>It’s Election Day…

  1. suitedesign says:

    >Congrats on getting to write reviews! That’s awesome. Would love to read ’em. And advance copy reading in any form is just stinkin’ cool! :0) YAY! Have fun in LA!

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