>Crunch Time

>Yes, it is one week before Christmas. Yes, I am having my parents over for the holidays starting this Friday. No, the house is not yet completely clean and you cannot set foot inside the guest roomliterally. No, the Christmas tree is not yet up. No, I have not yet finished my “Christmas card” post.

To qualify to criticize me, however, you must first compare the amount of recent messages in both your work and personal email inboxes with mine, take a look at my to-do list, and then add to that the fact that My Awesome Boss’s last day was last Friday. If you still feel that my inability to adequately prepare for the holidays is disgraceful, then feel free to post your disapproving comments here.

My weekend was spent:

  • deep-cleaning the house (4 1/2 rooms down, 2 1/2 to go)
  • waiting in line at 4am for a Wii (denied yet again, but finally got two remotes and nunchucks!!)
  • looking at house floorplans
  • coloring the new kitchen design that Alex CAD-ed for his parents (it’s really hard to tell windows from cabinets if it’s in black and white)

And here’s a photo that I’ll always treasure, not just because it’s of Valerie and of myself, but because it showcases Edward-in-Rare-Books’s unique talent for capturing a person’s personality in an image. Thanks, Edward, for posting this priceless image to the library newsletter so that all 100-something employees can point and mock and wonder why on earth someone hired me for a professional position.

My heartfelt thanks this week go out to Valerie, for being such a great boss and good friend with a listening ear, and to Kelly of McKinney Best Buy, for calling me the instant she found another nunchuck controller. My best wishes go to Kristen as she applies for a UNT position–which is a bit selfish, as well, since I’d love to have her around again.

This post has been sponsored by the letter “A.”


2 thoughts on “>Crunch Time

  1. Valerie says:

    >I love that picture! I actually saved that FF so that I could get around to clipping the photo. Have fun playing lots of games – and enjoy your break. You’ve definitely earned it!

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