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>I was reminded today by an email from Meredith Farkas herself that the Five Weeks to a Social Library course is coming up quickly!! Soon I’ll be trained in how to use OPAL for a live webcast. I’m wanting to use both PowerPoint and some co-browsing in my presentation, so that I can actually show how to create a wiki in real-time. For more information on Five Weeks…, see the course wiki.

It also seems that some interesting developments may be in the works at the UNT-L regarding podcasting… stay posted for more details.

This afternoon started out with a number of email reference questions that had to be dealt with immediately–and our go-to person in the department for these questions is currently out. At first, I was appalled by the usual brain atrophy that results when I leave work for more than a weekend, but in the end, I was proud of my ability to answer the questions quickly and thoroughly. (It’s nice to use the Texas Codes Annotated and the Congressional Serial Set!!) With a little help from my Awesome Former Boss on one of them… my thanks for her help!


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