>24-Hour Bug (Exterminated)

>Ah, the joy of sleeping nearly 20 hours in a 24-hour period. It’s something of which even my delightfully-goof-off-happy self is not capable, under normal circumstances–but Friday was anything but normal. After coming home early, I went to bed Thursday with Sinus Ick of an unusually high degree that made me suspect that my normal one-hour commute would not be possible on Friday morning. I awoke not only to find this theory confirmed, but that it had been supplemented by a large dose of Intestinal Ick, which inspired me to spend an hour and a half in bed reading all four volumes of the Star Wars: A New Hope manga that I got last week, and most of the rest of the day unconscious.

Alex and his sister’s birthdays were celebrated by the families on Saturday evening, by which time I felt 80% better. I got to show my brother- and sister-in-law that I was not only playing the “Link to the Past” GBA game they bought me for Christmas, but that I carry it in my purse everywhere, play it regularly during my lunch hour at work, and continually die in the room directly before the one that contains the second boss.

We received happy news yesterday from the same bro-in-law that he got a Wii, after many weeks of frenzied looking (boy, did we feel his pain!!). Now I can’t wait for him to hook it up, call us with his number, and we can send him the Miis of ourselves and Alex’s parents. And on the Wii-related front, if you appreciate ridiculously childish humor as we do, you’re morally obligated to go out and buy yourself Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii. It features plunger guns, mini-games with hilariously long titles like “Bunnies Have a Soft Spot for Plungers,” rabid bunnies that make the cutest giggle/fart noises you’ve ever heard, and what Alex has dubbed “BBR.” No, it’s not DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)–it’s Bunny Bunny Revolution, in which you have to dance with the Wii controls as bunnies spin/dance down the monitor in time with some really great music (Misirlou, anyone?).

So today’s been a usual Monday-like Monday, which means that I’m once again surprised by the amount of work that I continually lack the time to complete, while new messages/projects/life-threateningly-urgent-tasks arrive in my inbox with hurtling speed. Sigh…


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