>Nerd Alert!

>Timothy Zahn will be at the Plano Borders location on February 7th, 7pm.

And Borders is requesting costumed geeks in attendance, so… you know who you are.

1/30 Update: Btw, for those of you who hadn’t already heard about Stacey’s cameo in the book, Mr. Trey was kind enough to include a funfun link discussing it.


2 thoughts on “>Nerd Alert!

  1. Trey Stokes says:

    >Well, if you go as Pink Five, you’ll likely get some extra-special attention from the author. :)http://boards.theforce.net/literature/b10003/26068101/

  2. Starrlett says:

    >I know, hehheh–did I tell you he commented on my costume at the C3 party?I think I’ll at least wear the helmet, though I’ll be booking it from work to get there in time.

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