>Austin-tacious Weekend

>Wow. What a whirlwind!

There are hundreds of photos on our SD cards, and I can only access the ones on the 512 mb one currently (the 2 gb one doesn’t like the laptop). So I haven’t seen actual wedding photos yet, just bridemaid stuff, rehearsal dinner, and wedding set-up.

Alex and I drove down on Friday for Jaime & Todd’s wedding. We stopped and ate at Chipotle first, to foist off both traffic and hunger. We got to Jaime’s place later that night and had a blast hanging out with J, T, and meeting more of the wedding party–particularly the amazingly-talented Amanda and the hilarious Jon. Then while they all went out to have fun, we acted like the Old Marrieds we are and crashed on Jaime’s rather-nice air mattress.

We decided the next morning that, in our defense, we had not only completed a long drive, but each had had particularly long, rough weeks at work. If we’re deluding ourselves, just don’t tell me.

Jaime and Amanda treated us to delicious breakfast in the morning, and us gals met John at milk + honey for some spa indulgence. As I still have the artist’s misfortunate of short, fragile fingernails, I forewent a mani/pedi and opted to document the process on film instead. Then I walked a block south and met my parents, who were randomly in Austin at the same time for an art show. (Actually, Dad snuck up on me while I was calling his cell trying to find him, which in retrospect was pretty funny.)

My parentals took me to meet Alex at a local gun show, and then we did lunch together at Chuy’s, where I had a veggie enchilada (quite good!). It was fun to briefly visit with them.

Then Alex and I jetted north to Cedar Park to hang out with his sister and our nephew for the afternoon. There was fun chatting and tickling. I left my purse there, we went back to get it, and then I promptly left my keys the second time. Sigh.

The rehearsal was fun–if difficult to locate–and the dinner was amazing Thai food. A-maze-ing. Tihleigh, I salute your people (no, I’m not dyeing my hair black or anything). And we got HUGE boxes of leftovers to take with us–so we brought our big ol’ box to our pal Jenny’s apartment. We got in while she was out–we promptly admired her Ikea decorating dynamic, laughed at her sticky notes everywhere in the apt., and fell into a deep slumber on her rather wonderful sleeper couch.

In the morning, we enjoyed Starbucks and church with Jenny, and then spent some fun hang-out time at her place while scarfing down some of the Thai leftovers. I love me some peanut sauce, let me tell you.

Then it was off to the wedding venue–which was gooooorgeous! We hung lights, inserted chicken-beer-can holders into paper lanterns (to hold votive candles, doncha know), and moved around tables until it was time to hustle into fancy garb. Jaime was luminous, Todd didn’t cry, and we all had a great time–and no one spilled any Eucharistic wine.

We got to see some pals at the reception–Seth & Lisa, Pranaya, Ryan, Velma & Andy–and enjoyed cheesecake that melted like butter in our mouths. There was still more amazing food, some ridiculously good reddish champagne, and a coffee bar. Alex and I even did a little dancing while waiting on our coffee.

Then there were hugs and farewells, as we skedaddled out to make our way home for a little rest before Alex’s work in the morning. On the way, we picked up my keys at Amy’s, got turned around near 183, and were rescued by directions over the phone from Alex’s mom. We got home at 2, fell into bed… and I promptly awoke at 4 to discover that the amazing food hadn’t sat too well with me.

And thus, I’ve spent the day in or near bed being a little sick and nonproductive, instead of doing my taxes over Spring Break.

We got to see both sides of our family, and all kinds of friends–all in all, it was a packed and amazing weekend. I would love to experience more like that.


3 thoughts on “>Austin-tacious Weekend

  1. Tihleigh says:

    >Did you learn nothing from Drop Dead Gorgeous? Don’t eat buffet seafood….remember the immortal words: “Don’t ever eat nothin’ that can carry its house around with it. Who knows the last time it’s been cleaned.”

  2. Starrlett says:

    >rofl!!!good point, good point. and good movie, too.hey–do you know anyone who works at Madness Comics? is it a decent sort of establishment whereat to purchase comics of various kinds? i keep driving past in during my commute and wondering.

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