>[Insert Title Here…. Again]

>It weirds me out a little that our church is changing its name–rather drastically–from “Fellowship Bible Church North” to “Chase Oaks Church.” It will now have an appended title, “A Fellowship Bible Church,” which other associated churches are already using… but it’s a bit surreal. They’ve got good reason, though–our location is moving near the Legacy Theater (where we lived in The Line for Star Wars) at Legacy & Chase Oaks, and they’ll also be across the street from a (non-affiliated) Fellowship Church that has been causing some name confusion.

Still. It’s like as if my Dad suddenly decided he’d like to be called Hubert.

Speaking of parents, a big congrats to my mom, who just sold her first painting! She sold an acrylic impression of a hydrangea (on canvas) for $75. She’s already earned more at her artistic endeavors in 2007 than I have.

Speaking of those R2D2 mailboxes, Alex’s cousin David (well, his Dad’s cousin, but who’s… er… counting) saw one in Houston, so it’s been confirmed by a reputable source! Grand Admiral Jared went out looking for the aforementioned Abilene one yesterday, but couldn’t locate it, as Barrow doesn’t actually cross North 1st. Hopefully, we’ll run into it anyway. (Hasn’t anyone located one in Dallas yet? C’mon!)

And John Pendolino’s radio story must have gone out on Monday without a hitch (I was at breakfast with our interviewee at the time), because our bank guy just called on personal business, and also mentioned that he had heard the story and would like the URL for the CyberCemetery, as he’s really interested in old government information.

I’m sitting on news items here that I have to wait out–several that I’ve been waiting on for awhile. One has been dragged on for awhile, and two should be decided–and therefore able to be discussed–soon, but in the meantime I’ve just been frustratedly keeping my mouth shut. I’m good with other people’s secrets… just not my own!


3 thoughts on “>[Insert Title Here…. Again]

  1. massivetruth says:

    >Hey thanks for visiting the blog. My wife was unfortunately not present at the viewing of TMNT. She was taking care of the other little one.Looks like you are in library science. Small world, I work for a university library as well.In Christ,Kevin

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