>Thought-Provoking Conversation

>Today, my student assistant* (who will be a senior next Fall), came in to talk to me today about librarianship. (And about Life, the Universe, and Everything, but that’s another story.)

It’s a neat, new thing for me to do this. Heck, I’ve talked plenty of people’s ears off about librarianship, but they tend to be my peers; this quasi-mentor/boss thing is a different role for me.

It was an interesting conversation, and I didn’t expect that it would cause me to reflect on how much the past eleven months in this profession have changed me. Granted, many of those changes weren’t specific to librarianship–they were more of the first-full-time-job variety, and a little of the “oh my gosh, I’ve just graduated and now I have to start my real life” type. But hearing CRS-wiz* talk about her desires and changes and frustrations brought it all back to me. I found myself telling her about finding myself a senior in Fine Art and English who didn’t want to paint, write, or teach for a living–and escaped to grad school. I told her about then nearing the end of my Art History MA and realizing that I didn’t want to teach, and my furious hunt for a career I’d love. I suddenly remembered that upon getting my dream job here, after graduation with my MLS, that I felt suddenly trapped and scared that my whole life would be the same from here on out. I told her that after about three months, I realized how mistaken I had been–that my life, and my job, would never be a boring “same-old, same-old” routine. That I had grown and changed so much not just professionally, but personally over the past year that I felt like a different, better person.

Then I remembered that she mostly wanted to know about librarianship and good schools and possible career paths, and I settled down. She had great, great questions, ones that resound all over our profession:

I didn’t have even close to all the answers, but I offered my own experience, some places to look, and any contacts she was interested it. I don’t want her to choose librarianship just because it was right for me, but I’m glad and honored that she’s interested in it–and just for the record, I think she’d make a bang-up librarian.

*I’ll call her CRS-wiz to protect the innocent.


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