>So, About That Trip…


Arrival at DFW

We’re back.
It was fantastic.
I’ll finish uploading photos and typing up the hard-copy blog entries… soon-ish.

A HUGE THANKS goes out from Alex and me to the Phillips clan for sharing their home, their Bay Area cuisine, their vehicle/gas, and their company with us this week. We had a splendid time and appreciate what fantastically gracious hosts they are.

And dude, Chris–thanks for hooking me up with the Adobe Illustrator tips! I’m dazzled by your genius!

Unrelated Banter:
Wildly Unconfirmed Rumor: Neil Gaiman set to direct Death: the High Cost of Living!!!


3 thoughts on “>So, About That Trip…

  1. Tihleigh says:

    >I don’t want to quibble *ahem*, but Neil seems to think it’s a bit more than a rumor.Yeah, I don’t usually invoke just the first name of people I don’t know personally. I generally find the practice a little too familiar/creepy, but the sentiment just didn’t have the same ring/flow to it when I tried “Neil Gaiman seems to think it’s a bit more than a rumor”.Bah.

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