>Happy Birthday, Dad!


  • He’s 57 today. Forgetful gal that I am, I fully appreciate the fact that since my father was born in 1950, this makes his current age extremely easy to calculate. Which is the sole reason that Alex and I chose to get married before 2000 ended; it makes remembering how long we’ve been married a breeze. (Not really the sole reason, I guess, but it was a darned practical one.)
  • Go, Spurs, Go!
  • I got up at 6:10 and ran around the block today. Er, that is, I jogged, then rapidly degenerated into a brisk walk and then a wheezing crawl, during which I felt all of my nearly-29-years. But I managed to finish the mile in twenty minutes, and I’ve got a new schedule to “run” on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • The plus is that I was completely woken up by the time I got back to the house, and had a ton of energy by the time I got to work (I would have appreciated that energy during my run, but oh well). And I made it up the three flights of stairs at work without being completely winded, somehow.
  • UNT’s Faculty/Staff picnic for lunch today; ate with the Digital Projects crew.

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