>…I’m perhaps half done migrating and updating my ePortfolio, as my web server’s been down for several months and shows no sign of resurfacing. Stay posted for completion.


2 thoughts on “>Fiiiinally

  1. Starrlett says:

    >:)You are fully authorized to grab the code and adjust it as needed; I can email you the CSS file, if you like. Heck, I just showed it to Lilly and will show it to a student assistant in 45 minutes and are letting them do the same–I just ask that you edit fonts and colors to your own style.There are a lot of ways to make tiny changes to this website that look like huge formatting changes, but all you have to do is edit the CSS–all the HTML files you put your information into can remain the same. That’s the beauty of those CSS stylesheets!And, y’know, giving me a little shout-out as the original designer doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. 😉

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