>DC: Day Two

>I might be more exhausted than last night, but it’s hard to tell. Oh, how I love, love, love this city.

I had planned to get up early and take the Metro in and just wander about a bit taking photos… but instead, I stayed at the Tabard until past 11am. I slept much later than my original plans–6am on a non-morning session day? What was I thinking?!–and then headed down to some of the Tabard Inn’s delicious complimentary breakfast. Homemade cranberry scones with some delicious jewel of a jelly–some dark berry with orange that was delightful–and enormous slabs of honeydew melon that I sadly could not finish. The two cups of coffee was probably more than I needed, but was so nice. I wandered about the Tabard a little taking photos, then headed back upstairs to become engrossed in the wifi and photo editing.

I finally realized it was past time to meet Val, so I hopped out into the sunshine. I took the Metro to the WCC and met Val outside, then we walked to the Austin Grill. We had a great time chatting, and I enjoyed a wonderful chile-rubbed tuna sandwich–the tuna steak was an inch and a half thick and covered in avacado slices…. sooooo good.

After our lunch and gossip, Val and I ran into Cathy Hartman, Larry Romans, and Amy West at the ALA registration area, and they all went on to GODORT-y sessions, while I headed back to the Metro for GODORT’s tour of the Senate Library.

I was happy to have the opportunity to pass through Union Station again, and snapped photos as I went down Delaware to the Russell Senate Building. I didn’t realize the Senate Library was right next to CRS–tempts a nerdy girl to run in there and make off with a bunch of reports. The tour was fantastic–lots of gorgeous, interesting documents and a pristine Serial Set–I know, this stuff should be on my professional blog, but I’ll just link it here. I love that the clocks in the entire Senate building, including the restaurants, have lights and buzzers that are all code for different things–five minutes to a vote, a quorum call, etc. So anyone in the Senate buildings always know what’s going on, no matter where they are. And for any librarians needing hard-to-locate government information, the Senate Library not only has a fantastic collection, but they’re happy to provide reference assistance to librarians (they don’t have a public mission, so they don’t serve patrons directly). And they have quite a few CRS reports from the 1970’s through the 1990’s… hmmm.

I ran into Julie Linden on the second tour, then left the Senate building and walked back to Union in that gorgeous sun–although it was a bit warmer than I was expecting, Texas having been so rainy and cool for the past… how long has it been raining constantly? Since February?

When I got back to the WCC, I got all my ALA gear and officially donned my conference badge–not wanting to look like a likely target, I wasn’t wearing it outside the WCC. Then it was time for GODORT Legislation I, so I went up to 209 and turned on my laptop–it was worth all the pain of lugging it around all day just to have it there for instant notes on my wiki, let me tell you. I also met Jennie Burroughs, who’s a Facebook friend of mine, and Kristin Clark, who apparently reads my (other) blog–I just love the internet! Cathy was in the session, as was Jesse Silva, who after the meeting showed me the awesome things they’re doing at Berkeley with their wiki. He’s mashing up pmwiki, Camtasia, and the LexisNexis interface so that the wiki plays the tutorial (in flash), then at certain parts the patron scrolls down to Lexis and actually acts out the tutorial–genius! They’ve also got related RSS feeds in the right-hand column.

Leg. I was pretty interesting–Jesse’s set up a wiki for them, and there was some discussion about having some members participate only online, and what roles they might take. Then I took a few minutes to check email and IM, and then joined the GODORT Happy Hour at the Embassy Suites bar. I met quite a few more people and got the GODORT ribbon for my badge, then left with Cathy and her posse to go find dinner.

We walked down 10th–there was a gorgeous crushed glass mosiac walkway that I photographed–and went to a funky little French bistro across the street from the Ford Theater. Yes, that Ford Theater, girls and boys, the one where Lincoln was shot, and the house where he died was right next to the restaurant. But the real treat was the food–I had some kind of salad I don’t think I can even pronounce–Chevre Chaud?–with huge slabs of warm goat cheese that was to die for, and afterward a crepe suzette that was about the best thing involving an orange that I’ve ever tasted. They finally kicked us out after 9:30–we were the last ones there–and we had a gloriously fun, chatty walk back to the Metro, exited at Dupont Circle, and I wearily pulled myself into the room a bit after 10pm.

I’ve just got off the phone with Alex, who is waiting for Jared to come over and they’ll be make firework preparations this weekend. Now I should be consulting my schedule for tomorrow and sleeping–as I have a tremendous headache and am exhausted–but I’d rather read my frivolous novel, edit and upload photos to flickr, and generally glutton myself with technology instead of being responsible. Sigh.

Today was much less lonely than yesterday, and it was just amazingly fun to be out and about in DC. I am always a grumpy, shy wreck the first day of any trip, and the farther away the place is, the worse I get. The first day in Italy in 1997, I hardly spoke to anyone–even my American travel-mates–but the day afterward I was up for wild adventures like I never am at home. Travel does odd things to people.

I succeeded, I think, in creating a great travelouge of my day in photos, but I wonder how long it will take me to get them up. I think I may forget editing them for now, and just upload as-is, willy-nilly, so that anyone who’s interested can follow along my trip.

Oh, and that laptop–it’s so worth it, but I think I need to hire a… oh I’m too tired to think of the name. The guys who carry your luggage up the mountain. Yeah. That’s world-class blogging right there folks: “It was the thing, with that stuff, remember?” Yeah… Ah, well.


2 thoughts on “>DC: Day Two

  1. Amanda (the librarian) says:

    >You want a sherpa or porter. Especially for that monster suitcase. :0Sounds like you are having fun.I have an unrelated question for you – do you know how to put a PowerPoint onto a wiki? I can’t seem to do it on pbwiki (but then it’s just a free account).

  2. Starrlett says:

    >Sherpa!!! Thank you!Oh, let’s see, powerpoint on a wiki… that sounds like something that’s possible. You might have to find some third-party code to run it, though. A friend of mine just put a tutorial in a wiki of his–it was written with Camtasia, and he just had to insert one line of code to use Flash to run it in the wiki. I’ll see if I can find anything about that, and send it along if I find it.

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