>Putting the "Social" in Software

>I met Meredith Farkas today–woot!

Like, in person and stuff. It’s crazy–you read a person’s blog for awhile, you give an online presentation for one of their projects, you become their Facebook friend… and then you meet them in person.

This is just continuing this ALA’s theme of everyone now meeting their Facebook/Flickr/insert-social-software-of-choice friends in person. Such fun!

No, I have no photo for you of me with Meredith. I was too geek-shy to ask, dangit.

  • For the rest of my day (as well as why I am not, sadly, attending the Facebook party this evening), go here.
  • For notes from today’s ALA sessions, go here.
  • For today’s photos (once I upload them), go here.
  • And… isn’t it great that I’m writing about social software… on my blog… linking to flickr… and my wiki. I [heart] Web 2.0.

2 thoughts on “>Putting the "Social" in Software

  1. Meredith says:

    >Star, you are the biggest goof! You are a rock star too! I wish we’d had more time to hang, but it was great to finally meet you. I totally appreciate what you did with Five Weeks to a Social Library; it’s nice to know that there are absolutely wonderful librarians out there like you who are as passionate about social software as I am.Have a safe trip home!

  2. Starrlett says:

    >:) Thanks!I hope your trip home was less eventful than mine–a bunch of flights out of DCA were canceled Monday night, and I spent several frantic hours getting to the airport and getting on another flight, which was then delayed itself.Oh, I am *so* glad I took yesterday off of work!Well, I certainly hope to run into you again at a conference–ALA was a blast!

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