>Fresh-Baked Goodness


Product of a Domestic Goddess Fit

After everyone left the party (again), I felt lonesome and sweet-tooth-y. So I baked us a strawberry pie. I kind of combined recipes from two different cookbooks I had, as FoodNetwork.com had surprisingly little to offer in this area. It be tasty.

So, Saturday we had our youngest nephew’s 3rd birthday party*, and then our own Independence Day party–er, again. This time, we had about twelve or so people (eight the previous weekend), and we successfully set off a ton of fireworks. We caught them on video this time, and if Alex’s computer will ever agree to process it, I’ll post it on YouTube and link it here.

I have photos from both of our parties to upload, as well as the rest of California and the rest of DC. I’m operating without a SD-card reader right now, and can only get photos off my leaving my camera on and attaching it to the computer with a USB cable, which transfers photos at a remarkably sluggish rate–hence the sluggish rate of posting to Flickr. Sigh.

*Note: all photos of the birthday party are uploaded and accessible through the link above, but all are unedited, as well. This means they are large, and might be blurred or have odd lighting–if you’d like a copy of something cropped/sized/edited, just let me know.


One thought on “>Fresh-Baked Goodness

  1. Auntie K says:

    >Yum, yum. I’m noshing on sticky orange rolls and peach-blueberry casserole. Sure wish I had some of that strawberry pie to add to the mix.

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