>Monday, Tired Monday

>It’s late, and my brain definitely is aware that it’s Monday, and that it did not get enough sleep last night.

However, Alex and I did have a good time watching one of the best movies of all time last night, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. We nearly went for another best-of-all-time qualifier, Back to the Future, but Alex was feeling slightly more adventure-ish. I also got a lot of housework done Sunday–dishes, cleaning the entire kitchen–a scant week after it had been previously cleaned, gasp!–and folding laundry, which I also put up this morning before work. Amazing what I can get accomplished when I set my mind to it. Or rather, when I realize that being stressed out by the mess is actually more work than getting off my lazy buns and doing the work. Is that… adulthood… I hear creeping in? Maturity added to my character? Aaack, run for the hills!

Other than the chore-performing and the obligatory fat-couch time, we sat around with dazed looks, blinking a little, wondering what people actually do on a free weekend day. I worked Saturday, as I will again this week, and that added to the weeks I’ve/we’ve been out of town, or had parties, or seen friends/family, or had other obligations–it was a little disconcerting to have unplanned time. I think we both panicked a little–“Free time, oh no it’s not scheduled, what do we do, we can’t waste it, ack!” But finally we relaxed a bit–I think the housework helped me in this respect–and allowed ourselves to remember what our former glorious “lazy weekends” were like. Pure, vegetative goofball bliss, primarily involving time on the fat couch. Ahhhh.

I worked this evening, so I had this morning free to put up afore-mentioned laundry and–gasp–clean the interior of My Big Awesome Truck. I throughly vacuumed it and spot-cleaned all the hard surfaces after first removing a huge trash bag’s worth of Stuff That Does Not Belong In My Truck. This stuff included a roll of copper wire, no less than five mostly-empty water bottles, six library books, and some craft beads shaped like letters of the alphabet (still in package). I know, I disgust even myself.

Also, I’m getting close to finished uploading party photos to Flickr. I’ll link them on this blog when I’m done.


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