>Still Tired, But Excited

>…And in about a week, I’ll tell you why.

In the meantime, I have to move my office in preparation for my new boss (hooray!) arriving soon, migrate content onto our new library website, finish up everything that has been sitting around since before ALA last month, and get my feet wet as ALA GODORT’s Web Administrator.


In those moments I can steal to read comics, I’m on Vol. 2 of Planetary–which is only less-than-excellent because each story ends right at the point where I’m wanting more (which I suppose is the point)–and I finished Vol. 6 of Sandman and Vol. 1 of Astro City. Oh, and I started reading Marvel 1602 Monday, but haven’t been able to come back to it.

This weekend is my birthday celebration with the Hoffmans (we’ll call it my the-last-year-of-your-twenties-is-the-best birthday), and the weekend after that, we hit Abilene for the Board of Young Associates meeting. This time around, Alex and I are each chairs of committees–eek!

And, um, I need to return to my lunch. And my coffee. C ya!

Update: I fixed the previously-non-accessible library website link. Oh, and just to clarify, what I’m hinting at in the first sentence is *so* not about me being pregnant or anything. Just in case you were wondering. (The “tired” and “excited” have nothing to do with each other.)


4 thoughts on “>Still Tired, But Excited

  1. Kevin says:

    >I can’t see the new web site. You have to log in. Bummer.Our library is getting a new site. I am not at all thrilled about it.

  2. Kevin says:

    >I don’t know why, but I didn’t catch that you went to UNT. I went there a semester. Now my friend Dann (http://www.xanga.com/dannwigner) is going there. I decided to pursue instructional technology instead of the library science degree. Dann however is going there via online classes.

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