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  • What have I been tagging recently, that I’ve been to busy to link here? Check out my bookmarks on del.icio.us.
  • No, I still haven’t uploaded my over 3GB worth of photos to my flickr account yet, but check out the amazing photos all my contacts have been taking!
  • Movie Mini-Review: Hot Fuzz is fantastic–loaded with dry humor instead of predictable pratfalls, this movie does not stint on the action (or gore) one bit. You can tell that the creators (incidentally, the minds/actors behind the also-fantastic Shaun of the Dead) just made the perfect cop-comedy-action movie they’d always wanted to see. So see it.
  • Planetary was glorious. There should have been more of it–I almost feel cheated.
  • Almost finished with Marvel 1602 (put it down briefly to finish Planetary). Also fantastic–but then, it’s Neil Gaiman. And the 1600’s. And painted images. What’s not to love there?
  • Shocking, but true: I’m not borrowing audiobooks, I’m hardly listening to NPR at the moment–I’ve become obsessed with my six-month Sirius subscription. I, who complained to high heaven that paying for the gloriously free service of radio is ridiculous–I love it. (Then again, I’m not paying for it.) And it’s not the extra NPR stations, or Broadway, or Sinatra that I listen to–the only merit I previously saw in subscription radio. No, the real glory of Sirius is that it has an awesome 80’s station.

I’d hang my head in shame, but I’m too busy dancing to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”


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