>Goodbye, Buddy!


So here I sit on my bed, laptop in lap, completely ignoring all the homework and work I have to get done before Monday morning. Because every time I try to concentrate on work/homework, my brain panics and starts to think about Alex. Which is ridiculous, because at this point he’s still in Dallas. He doesn’t board for another half hour, and he doesn’t take off for another hour beyond that. Sigh.

So I am seriously wondering how I’ll get myself to concentrate on the things I need to do, instead of continuously distracting my miserable self with the internet, comics, and the fact that I’ve got “The Empire Strikes Back” in the DVD player in front of me, and I don’t have to leave the bed to enjoy any of these distractions.

Yeesh, and I have chocolate next to me, too. All I need is ice-cream and I’d be classic break-up mode girl. Geez. And here I used to have no problem living alone–I guess I had a much smaller apartment, then. And it wasn’t so quiet, considering I lived near a college campus. And, y’know, the bed was too small to feel empy.

Yes, get used to this. Because if I have any time to blog this week, it will probably be more sniveling about how sad I am that my best friend is gone. If it sickens you, you can just come back Friday, when I’ll probably start relaying all the awesome adventures Alex went on without me. Sigh…

Okay, seriously–who can I get to kick my butt about this work/homework stuff? Yeesh!!


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