>The Falcon Has Landed

>(Er… the falcon being Alex.)

He called at 4:30 am to let me know he was in Paris, and I just got off the phone with him–he’s in Helsinki!! It’s odd how he seems closer now, over the phone, than he did when I dropped him off at DFW airport, when he was still in town for two hours. The beauty of cell phones and global communication, eh? And my husband is now officially an American Airlines Advantage Platinum member, and he’s terribly pleased with himself making it to that point before I did. Hmph.

Monday morning is proving to be much more fun than yesterday afternoon–lack of sleep and coffee are much more my normal routine, I guess. I did complete my homework last night, but not all my work-work, so I got to work a bit early to start on that before my meetings begin. And a huge thanks to Tihleigh, who chatted me up last night until I was cheery, as well as let me know that I wasn’t pathetic for feeling sad. And another huge thanks to Gayla, who is graciously hosting me tonight and tomorrow, so that I don’t waste time and gas commuting home for no reason (particularly since I work until 9pm both tonight and tomorrow). I’ll be back in McKinney Wednesday to catch up on mail and housework, since I will end work at a much more normal time.

And I’m wearing a new Audrey Hepburn shirt today–who can’t help but feel a little glamorous when wearing such a gal on your shirt, I ask you?


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