>Midnight Pizza and Blogging

>…That’s what I’m up to. I’m here in DC (well, Arlington, VA, but who’s counting?) with my husband, my parents, and his parents in a 2-bedroom, 1-fold-out couch suite. We’re eating pizza because that’s about the only thing still serving people on our time zone / travel schedule.

I wanted to blog about the fantastic time I had Monday, giving three related Library 2.0 presentations to the San Antonio Public Libraries staff… and post photos… and all that… but I was busy catching up at work and preparing for this next trip. But if you’d like to see the completed presentations and handouts, they’re on my wiki.

I’m going to spend the next three days sight-seeing with family… and probably catching up on work/homework at night in the hotel. Then I’ll be attending the Federal Depository Library Program Fall Conference, Monday through Wednesday. I’ll update when I can… probably mostly I’ll be adding conference notes to my wiki.


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