>She’s Alive!

The November/December time crunch is on, but I had to update you all:

  • I have been accepted into UNT’s PhD program in Higher Education!! Horray! (And eeek!)
  • Appropriate gifts to commemorate the occasion include these sassy t-shirts.
  • No, this has no bearing on when/if we’re having kids, and furthermore, that’s none of your business. Um, not that I’m sensitive about the subject…
  • Thanksgiving with 18 of our family members was great fun.
  • My hair has been re-dyed and is now slightly less fire-engine red. Very, very slightly.
  • Alex and I are flying to Las Vegas for a real–gasp–vacation on Christmas Day, for 4 days/3 nights.
  • I’m flying on four different trips during December, evenly divided between work and pleasure. Yikes.

And that concludes the news portion of this program. Thank you, and good night.


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