>Getting Published!!

>I’d planned to be too busy working to blog, but this was too good not to share:

I’m going to have a chapter in a book published!! Woohoo!

Suzanne (my awesome boss), Annie (our awesome Outreach Librarian), and I submitted a chapter proposal on academic library collaboration with public libraries, and I got word this morning that it was accepted! Yes, I did a little happy dance. It’s to be published by Libraries Unlimited sometime around January of 2009, and it’s an entire volume about outreach in academic libraries.

So… now if we can just get 5,000 words written before the end of next March, we’re set.
Yay! (Happy dance again.)


2 thoughts on “>Getting Published!!

  1. Adam says:

    >Congratulations! I hope this is the beginning of a long writing career of intellectual amazement. Now that you’ve made your mark on the publishing world, I also expect a graphic novel series involving a librarian superhero with geeky super powers who moonlights as a world renowned artist.

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