>Pre-Flight Check

>I just had to add this funny anecdote. So, you know what sucks most about a huge thunderstorm the night before you’re going on a trip? Nope, it’s not that the thunder kept you up so you didn’t get much sleep–although that was interesting, too.

It’s pretty darn hard to pack when the power’s out.

Um, yeah. For hours. And all your decently-sized flashlights–those have been packed in boxes for two months. And you have no idea where your in-laws keep flashlights, but you’re pretty sure it’s somewhere downstairs… in the dark… probably three rooms away in some drawer that you can’t find in the dark.

So–good thing you’ve got that tiny LED light in your purse. You know, the kind that is only really useful for finding the keyhole of your car door in the dark? That is so tiny, that if you set it on the counter, it doesn’t shine light anywhere near what you’re packing–but you’re using your hands to pack–so you spend two hours holding the darned thing in your mouth while you ponder which pants you want to wear to Friday’s Happy Hour at ALA.

Yeah, that was interesting.


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