>Sunny (Kinda) Cali!

>It was an early morning with a flight and time-change that made for a long day, but it was fun. Here are some highlights:

  • realizing that Dr. Totten from UNT’s SLIS was in the TSA security line right behind me at DFW
  • riding in a convertible through Beverly Hills, Mulholland Drive, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica with Greg, Cari, & Emma
  • the resulting crispy shoulders (despite liberally applying 30 – 50 spf sunscreen four times)
  • seeing dolphins playing in the waves at Santa Monica
  • eating almond-chocolate-chunk ice cream on Santa Monica Pier
  • photographing my favorite part of the Pier: glimpses of the waves beneath the boardwalk
  • passing Kodak Theater and Groman’s Theater
  • chatting with a librarian/vendor from Melbourne on the shuttle from LAX
  • getting a tremendously-upgraded room at Residence Inn… and finding three closets and two balconies in it!
  • finally staying in a hotel with free wifi
  • eating at In-N-Out Burger (nod to Tihleigh)
  • “talking” to Alex (still in Russia); he was IMing Robert, who called me, and we had an interesting three-way conversation
  • sitting in my hotel room, getting annoyed at the loud upstairs neighbors… realizing there *is* no upstairs… walking outside and realizing it’s the enormously loud/huge fireworks at Disneyland… and laughing at myself
  • (did I mention my room has three closets and two balconies? yeah, dude.)
  • exchanging thunderstorm stories and befuddlement at the convention center entrance with a Library Journal exhibitor from NYC
  • walking around the Convention Center… the looooong way
  • being so tired from the long day and time change that I ate popcorn for dinner–thank goodness for Residence Inn’s kitchenette!

This isn’t even all of the selected photos from today…. but it’s a start.

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